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Hi I'm John Lewis, founder of Projectprint, a print management business founded in 1990. Having owned and run commercial printing businesses for many years I have the knowledge, experience and the passion to guide you to a better, faster, hassle free result.

We have extensive experience with all the printing processes and latest embellishing techniques. We use only the best, reliable suppliers in our industry for each production process. We work with your staff to achieve unique and outstanding results.

Projectprint takes away any confusion and possible disappointment with the printing process by correctly advising the use of the best methods, processes and materials at the quoting stage of the job. We plan all aspects, provide sampling and proofing as required whilst monitering production throughout.

Many companies trust us to provide solutions for their needs. eg, some provide their product, we design the packaging, provide a sample for approval, supply a template for artwork layout, supply proofs, print, finish. In many cases we distribute and deliver the finished product to multiple addresses all over Australia.

Our Clients include manufactures, wholesalers, retailers, advertising agencies, corporates, graphic designers, religious organisations, schools, publishers and individuals.


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